Target Date Funds

Target date funds (TDFs) are an integral part of many deferred compensation programs around the country. They offer many advantages, particularly for participants who are not inclined to actively engage in an investment strategy. One of the greatest advantages is that TDFs are designed to automatically rebalance as the participant gets closer to retirement. Many … Continue reading Target Date Funds

The Ongoing Saga of DOL’s Fiduciary Rule / Changes in the Offing

After many delays, some parts of the Department of Labor’s new Fiduciary Rule are once again on hold, this time for 18 months until the middle of 2019. The essence of the Fiduciary Rule is that any person making investment recommendations to plans, their participants or IRA holders, is acting as a fiduciary and may … Continue reading The Ongoing Saga of DOL’s Fiduciary Rule / Changes in the Offing

Hey Joel!

Answers from a recovering former practicing ERISA attorney Do you have a question for an ERISA attorney burning in your heart? Well, you’re not the only one! Welcome to our new Retirement Times feature, Hey Joel! We’re featuring plan sponsor questions from all over the country and answers from our in-house former practicing ERISA attorney. … Continue reading Hey Joel!

Is it Time for a Plan Refresh?

The duty to provide participants with sufficient information to make consistently informed retirement investment decisions is a basic fiduciary responsibility under ERISA Section 404(a). However, there could be some plan committees who feel their participants are not consistently making prudent decisions. According to a recent JP Morgan survey¹ nearly 75 percent of participants say they … Continue reading Is it Time for a Plan Refresh?