Benchmarks Are Not Created Equal

Because benchmarks are an important part of investment due diligence, a plan fiduciary should carefully consider their selection. Two of the most common are FTSE Russell¹ and Standard & Poor’s². The RPAG Scorecard³ utilizes Russell and here’s why: Russell ranks each company in the investable universe according to its total market capitalization. The market cap is the primary tool to determine where a company belongs … Continue reading Benchmarks Are Not Created Equal

Retirement Plan Investment Design

“5…4…3…2…1…liftoff!” Ultimately the value a retirement plan advisor brings to plan clients can be measured in plan outcomes and participant readiness for retirement.  Offering meaningful processes for investment selection and monitoring, benchmarking vendor services and fees, and supporting plan fiduciaries are now just table stakes.   Advisors who cannot offer independent processes for supporting plan clients in these areas will not be competitive, especially on larger … Continue reading Retirement Plan Investment Design

404(c), ERISA, Investments

Complying With ERISA 404(c)

According to ERISA, plans intending to comply with 404(c) must provide that participants: Have the opportunity to choose from a broad range of investment alternatives (which are adequately diversified); may direct the investment of their accounts with a frequency which is appropriate; and can obtain sufficient information to make informed investment decisions. The plan sponsor must provide annual written notification to participants with its intent … Continue reading Complying With ERISA 404(c)